We don't share your account information and your personal information with third parties. Login and password from your account are used only for connection to Instagram API and are not stored in our client database.


Your account will be completely safe.
The account is not possible to steal or hack without access to your email and your mobile number.
Most importantly never give out your password from your email!

Today, a lot of companies try to scam you by cheating, giving you bots (ghosts) without a password, means that they are non-organic and Instagram will delete them after 2-15 days, more over, you can get Ban from Instagram for violating their rules. Be aware of it.


Required actions before starting the promotion of your account:

1. Make sure that your email is really connected to your account
2. Make sure you have a valid mobile number associated with your account
3. Turn off 2 factor authentication
4. Link your Instagram profile to your Facebook